Privacy Policy

Nobody likes handing over personal information on the internet.

But there are some things I need to know in order to process a sale (your name, address, email) and I store that information so that we can both refer back to it if need be. These are passed on to reputable delivery companies in order to track your parcel as it flies across the country / around the world. Some delivery companies also ask for your mobile phone number so that you can receive tracking messages by text.

I would never pass on your personal information to other third parties.

I will, however, send you the occasional email myself, either in relation to your to purchase, or to let you know about something Born Ready related that might interest you. All 'newsletter' type emails contain a link to unsubscribe with one click.  These will be infrequent, so if you want to keep up with Born Ready shenanigans, it's best to tap into social media (Like Born Ready and Flaparaps on facebook.)

All payments are handled by the PayPal website, so I never see your credit card information or financial passwords (all I know is that the payment processed successfully).

Please don't think of this as a faceless corporate website. Think of it as digital extension of me, Born Ready Jenn, and expect to be treated properly.