12th March 2019: The Flaparap Shop has closed. Thanks to everyone who supported me in this venture. If you want to make your own Flaparaps, there's a pattern coming soon (add your email here and I'll let you know when it's ready). If you have Flaparaps and need more pads, contact me for instructions. Best wishes, Born Ready Jenn.

The Flaparap Shop is Closing :(

I'm afraid it's no longer viable for me to run it.

This has been the case for a while, but I invested so much time and effort into turning my hand sewn idea into a professionally produced product that I've been very reluctant to let it go...

Nevertheless, it's been very successful in its own way :)

  • I've shipped Flaparaps to 31 countries - which is amazing!
  • I have lovely letters of thanks from ec-ers from all over the world.
  • I've had customers return to update their Flaparap stash when their second child appears on the scene.
  • I've had updates on potty training success from customers who bought 12 - 24 months previously.

Really, it's been wonderful to make so many ec-ing lives that little bit easier.

Thanks to everyone on here who supported me from the beginning - from testing the prototypes, to buying the finished product.

If you have any happy Flaparapping tales to tell, please do contact me jenn@bornready.uk :)

I love hearing Flaparapping success stories - it more than offsets the misery of dealing with international shipping companies...

If you're thinking of setting up a manufacturing business of your own, I'm sure the story of my venture would be of use to you. I'll try to bash out a blog post in the near future.

As for me - I'm still playing with new ideas, but these days they're mostly electronic (I'm a software developer) so I have a lot more control over both the manufacturing and the delivery - phew!

All the best,

- Born Ready Jenn

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These photos are to help with sizing. They're all standard sized Flaparaps.

The quick-dry Hullabablues are worn by a diddy 6 month old. He has room to spare in the small belt.

The wool Sheepishly Green, cotton Mini Monkeys, 'Stremely Stripey, Feeling Foxed and Triffic Traffic are all worn by a very chunky 18 month old weighing 28lbs (12.7kg). He's still fine in the large belt.

New FAQ! Got Questions? Excellent! Let's Answer Them :)

My FAQ covers genuine questions which I get asked a lot, including:

  • What to think about if you're buying Flaparaps for a newborn
  • How many Flaparaps, pads and belts you need
  • Whether you can use your own pads
  • When new colours and fabrics will be available
  • And about a million other things.

I give straight up answers and try to be as helpful as possible - I'm a parent myself, I know what it's like...

Flaparap Reviews from Happily Pottying Parents

 Flaparap Starter Pack

Currently on my second child with flaparaps and I love them!

The starter pack for us has been fantastic. We wear flaparaps at home and on short journeys out and about (e.g. Tesco/school run etc) and then use disposables at night and on longer trips (e.g. if we are going to be in the car for a significant amount of time!). For our lifestyle 3 flaparaps and 18 pads is enough. With 3 kids there is forever a washload going in the machine so we don't run out. At 4 months old, there are days #3 can be dry all day (hooray) and other days that he can go through 4 pads in an hour (teeth!!).

We took him camping for a fortnight when he was 12 weeks old and he lived in his flaparaps. Last time around, with #2, we also had much the same approach and 3 flaparaps in rotation. We had to wash them after every miss by the time he was potty trained (at 24 months) because he flooded them! (Fortunately not too many misses by that stage.) We used disposables at night until the end.

Flaparaps are fabulous as they are so slim (I take one in my pocket on the school run), they don't effect you child walking (as some washable nappies do!), they allow easy access to the potty (which we have done from birth with #3 and from 6 weeks with #2) and are so simple to change liners that even the Hubbie/grandparents/older siblings can be involved too! Purplectly Marvellous is one of my favourites as it dries so quickly! The dark purple makes it great for a boy or a girl and (at 3 months old) #3 lived in his 'purples' on holiday this year. We couldn't live without them :) - Jill, Croydon, England

 Flaparap Never-Look-Back Pack

My baby prefers these to paper nappies as he has a greater freedom of movement, and in the summer they are definitely cooler.

I have found the Flaparaps really easy to use. They are very compact and easy to take with you when going out. We were already getting communication from our baby about pottying after a week or two of using the Flaparaps and had our first dirty nappy free day at 4 months. They are more effort than paper nappies as you have to change after every toilet, but it is worth the effort (especially if you know other parents with older children that are not yet using the potty). I have recommended them to my friends with children and will continue to do so, they are worth the effort, and in the long run they save you money. The never look back pack really has everything that you need, we have never had a day without a nappy available, although it has come close a few times. - Anthony, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

 Flaparap: Fleece: RainbowBum

We love flaparaps in our house!

We started with the trial pack then have added extra wraps and pads as we worked out our habits of using them. We've got 3 wraps now and plenty of pads. We like to have our baby out of nappies as much as possible at home but sometimes when we are distracted with jobs the flaparaps are perfect in case of the odd miss or 2. I'm determined to start using them at night too. Jenn has done such a great job of designing them for this unfortunately still not mainstream practice and it just makes life a lot easier when doing EC. Where would we be without Jenn! - Jules, London, England

 Flaparap Starter Pack

I really love it!

I only have the trial pack and this one, because Toddlergirl used to communicate the little ones, but not the big ones. So we needed some more Flaparaps, but only some pads. They are good to handle and only cotton at the backside. I use to dress Toddlergirl (also before as Babygirl, as soon as she could do it; before we used some other minimal cloth diapers) when she is standing in front of something, e. g. the stroller or window. In the summer she often got only the Flaparap and a shirt, because the nice design and colors look very beautiful and dress up enough :-) I’m very happy about this „invention“! I tried some products with the young man, the older brother. But now with Flaparaps it is really easier! So thanks for it very much, Jenn! <3 - Lucia Pichler, Duesseldorf, Germany

 Flaparap Starter Pack

The starter pack of flaparaps has been so helpful for us in our ECing.

We swapped over from MCNs at about 12 months old, and I wish we'd done it earlier! I love that I can do a nappy change with my little one sitting or standing, and it's so much less disruptive when offering the potty at night, especially in comparison to our past experience with MCNs (we're not up for nappy-free nights yet). Wish I'd found these earlier... and kind of wish I'd bought the "never look back" pack, as sometimes the 18 pads will last us 4 days, and sometimes only 2 days. - Emily, Melbourne, Australia

 Flaparap: Wool: Outlandishly Pink

I started out a bit dubious of the wool Flaparaps, as it took 3-4 times of lanolising to get them to a point where the wee wasn't going straight through the wool. But, I am SO glad I persisted as in the long term, I find I much prefer these to the PUL ones.

They hardly ever smell, and if they do, I just hang them out for a few hours in the sun. I definitely suggest avoiding the use of soap as much as possible when cleaning the wool Flaparaps if they get soiled, as you have to do a complete re-lanolisation from scratch. I generally just give it a serious rinse and scrub (without soap) as much as I can, followed by a full day in the sun to dry and sterilise. One other thing is that I still find the dye runs a bit every time I do a re-lanolising (and it's been almost 6 months now), but that would only be an issue if you were soaking them with other wool items, or wool Flaparaps of different colours.- Emily, Melbourne, Australia

 Flaparap: Minky: Ooga Booga (Trial Pack)

Bought the trial pack (ooga booga) & an extra set of cloths. This has served us well from 5/6months (now 10.5mths) and can see will be useful for quite sometime still even as backup outside the house once he is potty independent at home. Great for quick wild pees on the go. I actually cut the light blue cloths in half as I thought they were so bulky & this is still perfect for catching 1 pee or more usually just the beginning of a pee. The cloths I also use as backup inside (lightly felted) wool pants or leggings (from dilling.dk) Next time would definitely by the wool flaparap now that I have great experience with wool+pee! We started EC at 3 weeks using disposables first & then sumo style diaper belt & some other not so successful homemade things. Would recommend to get this pack with a newborn already. Or the pack with 2 flaparaps. Though I've never had the experience of poo in a flaparap or cloth diaper. But if you are on a winner with EC hopefully you will not either :-) - Kate, The Hague, The Netherlands

 Flaparap Starter Pack

So thankful I found Flaparaps!

I've been EC'ing my second from birth, now 7 months old, and find them to be such a perfectly wonderful compliment to early pottying. My daughter is very mobile so using flaparaps makes changes so much easier, and they don't impede her moving about due to their size. My older daughter will even now to pretend to potty her baby doll by undoing her own flaparap! They work beautifully with baby wearing too, and there have been many times when we've been out for a walk and she signals that she needs to go, I don't have to worry about putting her down to take off the diaper, it's so slick to be able to just twist the flaparap out of the way, let her pee, then slip it back on! They've also been a great conversation starter with family members and friends when they see how easy it is and how little fuss goes along with it! I rave about them to whoever will listen as I'm pretty passionate about early pottying and these are the perfect accessory!! Thank you for creating them! - Amy, Ontario, Canada

 Flaparap Starter Pack

I've been doing baby led pottying with my daughter from birth (now 2 months old), and flaparaps have been wonderful!

I found it a little hard to use them with her for the first couple of weeks, mainly due to changing her being easiest with her lying on her back initially. But now she much prefers changes lying on her belly across my knees, and this means I can do nappy changes and pottying anywhere, no changing mat necessary! We use flaparaps all day, and don't have any leaks, even during naps or long times in the sling. I did find that my own home made pads weren't as absorbent as the born ready ones, so do invest in lots of pads! I bought a starter pack (three wraps are plenty) but found I needed more pads so just bought an extra six. They dry really quickly so I can hang them out overnight and they are ready to use the next day. I use disposables at night, just so I don't need to worry about wee misses! Big thumbs up for flaparaps :-) - Kandace, Hampshire, England

 Flaparap: Wool: Jauntily Red

We love flaparaps and love this fabric.

It does the job, looks great and is so easy to care for, and I like that it's so breathable, especially at nighttime. The red colour definitely runs when I wash it but it just makes the white rim a bit pink which also looks great I reckon so is no bother. - Sarah Lou, London, England

 Flaparap Never-Look-Back Pack

So simple to use!

Flaparaps make cuing quick and easy and are lightweight and compact to take out for the day. I started using them around 4 months and prefer to use them with baby chaps rather than trousers or all-in-ones to further speed up catches. I ordered the Never Look Back pack and have a selection of Quick Dry, Cotton, Fleece and Wool flaparaps. I love the quickDry for ease of washing and drying but prefer the feel and breathing properties of the wool. The cotton print is nice, especially when worn visibly with chaps and I find the fleece soft but less slimline than the others. In hindsight, I wish I had gone for all wool flaparaps as they are so soft and comfy and perform beautifully and there would be just one wash method to engage with. Flaparaps are less effort than all the snaps on the pocket nappies I used to use but the pad does need to be changed after every wet miss so they are ideal for EC; they are not a substitute for traditional cloth nappies that can be used with a wicking liner to accommodate several wet misses. I like this feature as it prompts me to tune in even more to my baby and keep the pad dry! The Never Look Back pack is excellent value for a complete nappy system. - Marie-YIanna, Croydon, UK

 Flaparap Starter Pack (Wool)

Both my husband and I think these are a brilliant product! I'm always a bit sceptical of online purchases but really these are just great and have made baby-led potty training so much easier. I couldn't imagine going back to nappies now. Even when they spill, it is not a bother. When I bought (4 months ago), I asked you about wool. I went with your recommendation and again - great choice. I have a cotton one but rarely use it because the wool is so much more water resistant and rarely needs washing. Itch is NOT, simply not, an issue. So, thank you and congratulations for making such a great product. - Abi, Oxfordshire, UK

 Flaparap: Minky: Ooga Raspberry

I love this minky fabric, it is my all time favourite.

So soft and looks super cute! - Neri, Barcelona, Spain

 Flaparap Never-Look-Back Pack

I love my flaparaps.

I have been using them for over 3 months now and they are really working for us. We still have some other reusable nappies which I now use at night but these are our go to day time nappies. I love them so much that I will not leave the house without my daughter in a flaparap. She is now 6 months and signals really well, so when out and about I can easily let her go. This is a nightmare with any other type of nappy. Flaparaps on the other hand make it so simple. I can now leave the house without a baby bag and one simple replacement flaparap, incase we have an accident but honestly it hardly ever gets used. I thank our success to the easy use of flaparaps! I would recommend this product highly. Probably the best baby purchase I made. - Neri, Barcelona, Spain

 Flaparap: Wool: Sheepishly Green

Brilliant. Wool all the way.

Excellent wetness resistance. No smell - I only wash once a month to re-lanolise (unless poop stained). Dry quickly for me though I live at altitude where air is dry so that helps, as does the instruction to roll in a towel after washing. Slightly more rigid than cotton flaparap, which I think makes it much easier to get on. Sheepishly Green is my favourite colour for my little man! Honestly, can't recommend then enough. Just do it! - Abi, Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland

 Flaparap Starter Pack

We've never looked back, they are absolutely brilliant and I would highly recommend them.

We started pottying our daughter when she was 9 months old after being intrigued by a friend using Flaparaps. So much cleaner and easier and greener than nappies. Plus much better for our daughter's skin which hasn't been at all sore since we started using flaparaps - even when teething! They do catch and keep in misses really well, although I would recommend having enough of the actual wraps so when they're teething or just a bit older and doing absolutely massive wees you have enough wraps to last if you're regularly soaking through! - Clare, Leeds, UK


Flaparaps Solved My Pottying Problems

When we started on the EC journey, we muddled through with disposables for the first few weeks. This doesn't really work on a number of levels. Taking the nappies off and putting them back on takes forever, they wear out quite soon and you can't do a discreet dream wee without waking bubba up. While they aren't cheap, Jenn's Flaparaps solve all these problems and are near enough basic equipment for anyone serious about full-time EC. - G. Emanuel, father of one, London, UK.


Flaparaps Should Be The Norm

Flaparaps are brilliant, potty offers become so easy, misses are sorted in seconds, changing mobile babies is no longer a fight. Practical, small and light, my baby loves them as much as I do... I had to use a disposable the other day (1st time in months), you should have seen the look of disbelief on her face! They make you realise how wrong conventional nappies are, and wonder why nobody invented them sooner. Flaparaps are a winner, they should without a doubt be the norm. And if that wasn’t enough, they look good too! - Cath M, mother of one, London, UK.

 Flaparap: Cotton: Mini Monkeys

Wish I'd Found You Earlier!

I really wish I had found you before I had my baby.I used cloth diapers with my first son after he was year old and after I had my second baby I stocked up on new cloth diapers but all the while knowing that I wanted to use EC - full time if possible. But the problem was it took too much time to get the diapers off my baby to consistently use EC, so I've only been doing it part time - whenever I can. Then I bought Flaparaps! If I had had these from the very beginning it would have been much easier to ec full time. - Elizabeth B, mother of two, UK.

 Flaparap: Quick-Dry: Purplectly Marvellous

Loving The Flaparaps!

Just a quick message to say how much I'm loving using the Flaparaps :)We use them all the time during the day (still in disposables at night). It's so handy to be able to offer without having to lie her down to undress (which she hates), and easy when out and about. I've ordered some more leg warmers to go with them as that's her normal wear these days, unless it's too hot for leg warmers here in South Africa. They also look great with a little dress - one of the bonuses of having a girl! Thank you! - Anna L, mother of two.Flaparaps Are Brilliant! Trim, Comfy and Easier Than Training Pants.I am so inspired by your website, and what I've read on it. Wish I came across your site while living in the UK. I EC'd my daughter while living in the UK and now have a 9 month old in South Africa. I bought a friend's starter Flaparap set when they visited us and that is all that I'm using at the moment. It is brilliant, so easy and looks way more comfortable than even the trimmest nappy that I've used previously, and much easier than training pants.Congratulations on a brilliant brilliant product. - Charmaine, mother of two, South Africa

 Flaparap: Cotton: Stremely Stripey

Flaparaps Saved My Sanity (And My Ear Drums)

Flaparaps were handy item when pottying my daughter but a blinking must have for my son who would pitch a screaming fit the moment I'd lay him down to change his nappy.Change him while standing, problem solved! Hooray! Sanity still in tact :) - Jillian W, mother of 2, UK

Amazon 5 Star Reviews

 Flaparap: Quick-Dry: Purplectly Marvellous

Essential baby product!

We LOVE our Flaparaps!' 'have changed in the park/ beach/ home/ easily on my lap in a public toilet without a changing table. Also at night it's very easy to silently change out a pad' 'SO much easier to potty!' 'I started with the trial pack but like now having several wraps and more pads so I can use flaparaps full time.' Read full review...

 Flaparap: Quick-Dry: Purplectly Marvellous

Flaparaps are truly a marvellous invention.

Baby-pottying has come on leaps and bounds because it's so much easier and quicker to offer the potty than when our seven-month old is wearing nappies.' 'Flaparaps have surpassed all my expectations.' 'Even better than the description suggests' 'Will keep your small one comfortable and you relaxed for as long as it takes!' Read full review...

 Flaparap: Quick-Dry: Purplectly Marvellous

These save my sanity!

'We love our Flaparaps. I use them full time during the day. I loathe having to lay my boy down to get a diaper done up, so I say Flaparaps are a must for a squirmy baby. Super quick to get off and get baby over the potty/toilet, then tuck the flap and they're good to go!' Read full review...

 Flaparap: Quick-Dry: Purplectly Marvellous

I think Flaparaps are the future!

'I love these nappies - changing a crawling or standing baby is easier than trying to make them lie down.' Read full review...

 Flaparap: Minky: PomPomPomp

Perfect for my 15 month old

'You can change it really quickly, its easy to use and handy' 'I will recommend to all my friends' Read full review...

 Flaparap: Cotton: Circumfortably Fun

Best 'nappies' I ever tried!

'With these flaparaps I potty my DD 24hrs a day' 'best thing I found was that I can change my baby at night silently if I need to (too sleepy to get up!), changing the insert is very quick and easy' 'flaparap is very comfortable for the child ... she feels free to walk and climb.' 'an out-of-this-world nappy experience' Read full review...

 Flaparap: Minky: PomPomPomp

Absolutely love it

Definitely going for the bigger pack. Excellent for EC, quick to do and undo, cute, and no nappy rash! Read full review...

 Flaparap: Minky: Skimpy Chimp

Love our Flaparaps.

They are fantastic. So easy to use and takes up little space. Really good for EC. Read full review...

 Flaparap: Microfleece: Reddy for Bed (Large)


'If and when I have another baby I will only use flaparaps!'I love this night time Flaparap!' 'It is very soft and even if the outside felt gets wet I can squeeze it into a towel (or even my nightie!) and it seems as dry again!' 'Very easy to offer potty at night' 'Stays perfectly in place' 'you even undo it with one hand' 'inserts change colour to darker when wet so you know straight away just how wet they are' 'very easy to wash and they dry in a couple of hours' 'Highly recommended for normal nappy use as well as potty training and Elimination Communication :) Read full review...