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Does your toddler use the potty sign to escape?

How To React When Your Toddler Signs ‘Potty’ To Escape

Shortly after your toddler learns to sign ‘potty’ they’ll realise just how useful it can be!

Not only are you delighted (and you will be delighted) but you respond to them every single time they do it! To your toddler, that chest slap means both ‘potty’ and ‘get out of jail free’.

Just wrestled her into the pushchair for the school run? ‘Potty’ she signs, still screaming and straining at the straps.

Just settled him into bed after the story? ‘Potty’ he signs, pulling off the covers and heading out of the door.

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Scrubbing The Decks With The Toilet Sailor - Consulting with Creative Homes.

Creative Potty Training With Sam The Sailor

Back in October 2015 I did some consulting work for Helen Maier and Sally-Anne Donaldson on their Creative Homes project.

This is a wonderful initiative to bring creativity into some of the poorer homes in London – in a bid to ease household tension through playful routines. Helen visits toddlers at home, in character, and brings with her some creative activities to share. Then she talks to the parents about what’s causing stress in their relationships with their kids and introduces ways to make routine tasks more fun for everyone.

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Five Winning Ways To Connect With Your Toddler During Potty Training (And At All Other Times, Too.)

Now… it’s possible that you’ll find potty training a little bit stressful.

All that handing over of control. The fear that your child won’t ‘get it’ before something of value takes a hit. The niggling thought that he might react just to spite you… (he won’t, by the way – watch the videos to find out why.)

So what can you do to make it though with minimal drama and strife?

Well, to start with, you can employ my five favourite techniques for keeping a harmonious household. These will go a long way towards staving off conflict, and you won’t even need to take deep breaths or count to ten.

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