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What’s The Best Potty for Pottying / ec-ing a Baby or Toddler?

A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing The Best Potty For Your Baby or Toddler

Quick links: Small cheap potties (my top recommendation), How many potties do you need?, Potty chairs, Two-in-one potties, Top hat potties, Novelty potties, Toilet seat reducers / inserts, Travel potties, Summary.

“Which potty should I buy???”

This question comes up a lot on my facebook groups. I think it feels like an important decision at the time – but the most important thing is to get a potty of some sort as quickly as possible. (To that end, there are loads of Amazon links in this page.)

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Discover When, Where and How To Offer The Potty For The Very First Time

… By creating your own personal “First Pottitunity Cheat Sheet”.

Take the quiz to create your tailor-made first pottitunity cheat sheet. (It’s free!)

Baby-led pottying is straight forward, but it’s such a flexible activity that you might be wondering exactly how to start.

So many times and positions to choose from!

Don’t panic. To get started, you’ll need to offer the potty for the very first time. Focus on that one pottitunity and it will make all your decisions a lot simpler.

I’ve created a to help you shape that first potty offer. To guide you to the best approach for you and your child and email you a nifty little cheat sheet to get you started.

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